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— Daily Tune 24/06/2019

Lune – ‘Talking Truth’

Linnéa Martinsson is Lune, and the Swedish musician has been releasing a steady stream of singles over the last few years, since her debut album Music & Sports back in 2013. Her latest one is Talking Truth, and its a fine example of the musical mixed soil her songs grow in. There’s a touch of early 00s pop in the sheen in the production, which gives the song a glossy, glowing texture, but the easy agility of the vocal melody, trapezing back and forth between an abundance of different hooks and then exploding into the chorus pulls in an R’n’B influence as well. Lune says “’Talking Truth’ is a purple explosion in the chest, spreading like a shock wave in all directions. Every word is connected to the heart, it makes me wanna run naked. I feel really free”. The track is out now on her own label Play Human.

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