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— Daily Tune 18/05/2020

Lune’s Dreamscapes Come To Life On “Wi-Fi”

Swedish artist Lune has had a busy start to 2020, with three singles having surfaced to date, and one of them is Wi-Fi. If you want a introduction to her sound, Wi-Fi functions pretty well as that door-opener. Imagine PC Music’s glossy, luminescent modern take on pop, with its sense of hallucinogenic digital living, but with the sharp, hard edges of their sound replaced by soft, cushioned synths and an airy, dreamy vocal. That blueprint comes to life strongly on Wi-Fi, which uses it to make a song that’s slick, but also has a real emotional edge. And because it’s 2020 and we all live in isolation hell, it comes with a video featuring a Skype/Zoom/whatever call with Lune and her friends. She says of song and video: “There is a special bond between women that can be felt when we tap into that frequency of pure love. I want to share that love through the screen. Everyone is invited to join. Follow the moves and raise your glass with us. Everlove!”.

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