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— Daily Tune 25/05/2020

Lydmor’s “Someone We Used To Love” Packs A Punch

Lydmor hit a new career peak with her last album, the sprawling, pop-as-epic-novel I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story. So the stakes are high for the Danish artist’s return, which she’s been working towards with a few singles over the past year. The latest of them is Someone We Used To Love. It’s a song on which she’s able to play around with her strengths, pulling in some dance music muscle to harden the structure of her songs, and blending that together with a real emotional edge and a poet’s ear for recalling the moments that make the story. It’s a big, storm of a dance-pop song, but one where there’s a lot more going on than just an enormous thumping chorus. Lydmor says: “This whole thing about people we once loved, where we, almost no matter what is going on emotionally inside, react with disgust. In ‘Someone We Used To Love’ I have taken a scenario where I imagine myself sitting with someone I’m still in love with and you can see this person reacting with this kind of cold disgust, and I’m just sitting there about to break and burst into tears. And you just know that you are completely pathetic”.

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