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— Daily Tune 11/06/2019

Mansa – ‘Komfort’

Stockholm producer Mansa has just dropped his second EP Solitude, and in many ways it’s a curious coincidence that it’s landed so soon after the re-emergence of Jai Paul. Mansa doesn’t really sound anything like Paul’s work, but what they share is a similar ability to knit together a diverse range of sounds and influences, and conjure up something fresh, a musical style that’s very much their own. Elsewhere on this record you’ll find skittering, uptempo club music and West African-inspired house-leaning electronica, but opening track Komfort is a hazy ambient soundscape, a soft, subtle beat giving shape to its warm synth sound, as the tempo gradually ratchets up. There’s a strange sensation of immersion about Komfort, the way the song’s sound wraps around you like a sensory chamber, and it’s an excellent example of the way a good producer can develop a song, adding in touches and texture as it progresses. Solitude is out now on Hybris.

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