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— Daily Tune 01/10/2020

Maria Basel’s “Lioness” Tells A Touching Story Of Inner Strength

Maria Basel‘s compositions are tinted with a touch of delicacy, and deeply stirring as you get pulled into the ambient vortex of her soundscapes. On her latest single Lioness, that potential hits hard, as it reveals the amount of her artistic prowess. Hypnotising synths roll through, undermined by soft beats, melting into her fragile vocals. The song unravels the story of two women heading down a shared path, exploring their own strengths and insufficiencies. Gently blending her training in classical music with elements of electronica, jazz and RnB, this gem does promote the sense of moving on, beyond what you think you can achieve. Give this one a good spin to start your day right and treat yourself to the very artistic video that the song comes with.

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