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— Daily Tune 01/02/2021

Maria Basel Channels Insomniac Despair On “Wake Up Tired”

Why not start this new week with a fall right into the nocturnal dream worlds of German composer and producer Maria Basel? Yet a new face in the scene and soon delivering her debut EP (released this spring), she already shows off her talent on Wake Up Tired, yet again. Fusing ambient electronics with a solemn vibe and lyrically journeying through the bleak spots of human emotion, this piece is full of adventurous flows, light and heavy at the same time. Mellow synths and her reverb-drenched vocals create the soft core, while sudden kicks of the drum and the rhythmic-oriented melody evoke its toughened counterpart. “Keep you inside my head and I wake up tired again” all the while burns into one’s head like a strong mantra. Treat yourself to this impressionistic piece and tune in soon for more from this promising artist.

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