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— Daily Tune 25/05/2021

Marina Allen’s Melodic “Original Goodness” Fascinates With Raw Intensity

With a voice that pure and immersive, Marina Allen is sure to enchant a lot of followers this year, as her new single Original Goodness demonstrates without further doubt. Cut from her upcoming debut Candlepower (out June 4th) the piece is a powerful attempt of isolated reflection, staging a soothing landscape of feelings laid bare, musing on memories, hopes and fears. Just led of by sweet ringing acoustic guitar chords, the tune evolves a beautiful flow, inviting to enter into the hazy atmosphere that it creates. There’s no hiding from this one. The lyrics and melody flooded out one long afternoon. I didn’t think I would end up revealing it but I couldn’t resist its hold on me”, the songwriter shares. Don’t miss out on this fine piece along with the video it comes with right here.

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