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— Daily Tune 09/06/2020

Speed Suits Malmö’s Mauv On “Goodbye Friend”

Malmö five-piece Mauv (Hanna Åhrén, Albin Brandt, Samuel Krantz, Oskar Albertsson and Wael Mahrous) debuted last year with their Changes EP, but their return with new single Goodbye Friend moves them onto a whole other level. In some senses, in the shadow of this song, you can see another song could have been very gentle and sweet – in the lightness and tenderness in Åhrén’s vocal, there’s a hint of a soft dream-pop song in there. They didn’t take that path, and instead decided that Goodbye Friend was a song to supercharge – this is indie that rockets forward at breakneck speed, leaving the earth scorched behind it. The shining melodies and the high-octane guitars complement each other, and carve out a space for the song in the sweet spot between indie rock and shoegaze. It’s out now on VÅRØ.

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