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— Daily Tune 03/02/2022

Mild Orange’s “Oh Yeah” Has Got All The Dreamy Vibe You Need To Shake Off Your Winter Blues

Is there a better time to dream yourself into the sweet summer sun than now? While you’re at it, New Zealand’s finest dream-pop outfit Mild Orange got a tune to enjoy on your ride. Oh Yeah is the final tease for their upcoming third record Looking For Space, set to arrive on February 10 and it has got all the vibe you need for a mellow voyage into the lands of silver linings. Equipped with a hazy and lush atmosphere that has a 90s spirit to it all, full of dreamy and laidback sentiment, Oh Yeah floats like the wind on a lazy summer afternoon. “I wanted to write lyrics about nothing, which meant little to me at the time except just to purely feel good”, frontman Josh Mehrtens reveals about the writing process. Well, if this one doesn’t make you feel it, I don’t know what will. Give this track a good spin and be there for that record as soon as it drops.

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