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— Daily Tune 01/04/2019

Mother Mink – ‘Slowly Melting Down’

You might have forgotten ‘Nu Rave’, but when you think about it it’s easy to be persuaded that its ancestral influence is still around in the music scene today. Take a band like Stockholm’s Mother Mink for example, whose taste for cartoonish, colourful theatricality and musical exuberance definitely owes a little to the late 00s’ strongest musical scene (as does the self-aware goofiness of their previous single Sho Ping). Their latest single Slowly Melting Down tones things down a bit, taking a step back from their usual circus energy to something a little more sombre and rich in sound (it’s inspired by our impending climate apocalypse – behind the band’s outer silliness there’s often a social conscience in their lyrics). Powered by a rumbling drumbeat and jittering violin stabs, as well as Fanny Wistrand’s enormous vocal charisma, it makes for a elegant, innovative pop song. It’s out now, and their debut full-length Deadly Playful lands on April 12 on Sony Sweden.

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