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— Daily Tune 24/04/2018

Nakhane – ‘Interloper’

Far too rarely does the European feuilleton report about the African continent and its diverse culture, music and art. Therefore, it is great to see the recent culture and music press set their eyes on the South African artist Nakhane Touré. His body of work is impressively multifaceted; he is a musician, writer, actor – and he is homosexual. With his music, Touré documents and makes visible what it means and feels like to grow up and live as a gay man in his home country. It still is a tough issue. The artist reports in many interviews that he suffers from insults and that he is also threatened with violence. His music, though, shows him unimpressed of all the hate he gets confronted with. The sound of his latest single Interloper is raw and powerful. The bass, the electronics and the drums are marching forward and support Touré’s light voice and its accompanying choir. Its mission is conquering hate. Accordingly, You will not die as a title does justice to Nakhane‘s third album. It’s a statement; a message sent out to everyone feeling similar.

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