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— Daily Tune 23/03/2020

Nathan Ball – ‘Just Say Something’

Especially in troubled times like these, there is probably nothing better than to imagine yourself standing at the edge of a shoreline, shouting your worries and fears into the gusting winds – may they take care of the rest. Well, we all cannot have that right now, so we might just as well turn to music as a space of solace. Melting traditional singer-songwriter craft with a charged and vibrant atmosphere, Nathan Ball is doing a splendid job when it comes to creating the background music to the upbeat moments as well as the hardships in life. His latest track Just Say Something is rightly confirming his potential. Mellow guitar picking lines up with a soothing voice and drifts  into an ambient and powerful chorus that delivers a message that couldn’t be more hopeful and passionate about the things tomorrow will bring. “Just say something / So I know you’re there”. Check the tune out right here and sing along with this talented young gentleman, while we stay at home and wait for things to turn out for the best.

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