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— Daily Tune 05/03/2020

Native – ‘By And By’

Last year we already introduced you to the the compelling beauty of the songs penned by anonymous songwriter Native and we haven’t gotten enough of him ever since. Ahead of more new material later this spring, the artist has now released a new single called By And By, which we are happy to share with you. Charged with a powerful aura of solemnity and solace, this one brings out the qualities of the songwriter at their best. Only sparsely accompanied by organ sounds and stately piano chords, Native passionately leads us through the melancholic musings of someone who sees how time passes before his eyes. The sombre ambiance, which at times reminds one of the early stages of Bon Iver, is maintained right until the end and has a calming effect, while being intense at the same time. Listen to it right here!

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