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— Daily Tune 14/05/2018

Need For Speed – ‘c/o’

When this track popped into my inbox, I tried to recall why the name Need For Speed sounded so familiar. Then I realised that it was the name of a Playstation game that was popular among kids about a decade ago. Anyway, now there’s something better to associate with those three words, because Need For Speed are a newly formed Swedish duo, and c/o is their new single. Malmö’s Martin Nilsson and Felix Mårtensson, with a past in the dive-punk band RA, have written a song about the weird angst of overdoing it on a night out and coming home with the sunrise that locks into classical, old-school synth territory. It’s dark, heavy pop music, 80s-ish and dancefloor-friendly with a hint of the The Tough Alliance and late Lust For Youth. An album is due later this year.

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