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— Daily Tune 13/09/2018

Nelson Can – ‘Downtown’

In a furious attempt to merge post punk, goth and pop, this Danish threesome is in all seriousness on its way to reanimate the spirits of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Formed in 2011, Nelson Can slowly but steadily evolved their sound over the course of three EPs. Downtown is off of their third one, simply called EP3. Just like that title, this band is equally pragmatic and theatralic: They started out as a show-off to make people BELIEVE they were in a band. And then just went along with it. Because, why not? If that’s not a cool backstory, then I don’t know. Their instrumentation might be sparse. But vocals, bass and drums are all it takes to send Downtown from calmer wave pop schemes into almost Tarantino-like coolness. As Nelson Can, we are told, counterbalance that with energetic performances and denseness, it’s possibly best to catch them while they’re in their element: F.e. Nelson Can will be performing live at the Danish Night at the upcoming Reeperbahn Festival. Join them (and us) there on Saturday, September 22nd from 8 pm on at Indra, organized by Music Export Denmark. More info right here.

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