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— Daily Tune 23/04/2021

Nelson Elle’s Charming Indie-Pop Is Destined To Put A “Smile” Upon Your Face

Nelson Elle has been writing since the age of ten, a hobby that accompanied her when she left California, where she is originally from, for Sweden in the early 2000s. Following her first single release, an intimate piano-ballad titled All For You the artist has brought out an exciting synth-pop tune. Smile is one of those addictive little indie-pop gems that put indeed a smile upon your face as you’re listening to. The song rests on Elle’s interesting voice, as well as its solid lyrics and structure. It’s a track that might make you feel dancing and break free while you’re also on the verge of a breakdown. So, maybe this is a fitting cool pop song to unwind to while we’re still in the middle of that pandemic craziness, right? May Nelson Elle bring you all the sweetness for the impending weekend.

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