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— Daily Tune 18/06/2020

Nijuu Writes In Starlight On New Single “Blue”

From South Korea but based in London, Nijuu is the project of musician Yujin Jo, and she looks a likely candidate for the next dream rock/ bedroom pop artist to hit the heights. She’s been putting out a couple of tracks over the last while, but new single Blue is undoubtedly the prettiest of all of them. It’s a pretty simple song, just a couple of elements weaved in around each other, but it all comes together as dreamy, hallucinogenic music lit up with a starlight glow. Nijuu floats around in that space, occasionally distant and echoing, occasionally whisper-close, guiding the listener around the world she’s created. She’s got a debut EP on the way called Nijuu In The Sea, out on June 25, and she says, “The sea is my world. It’s both my consolation and my limitation. Since I was fourteen, I’ve been thinking the entire world is the sea. I imagined I might be a fish but I live on the ground. Or I might be a person and everyone else is a sea creature. The water always made me feel free. But it has another meaning to me. We were in the water in our mum’s womb, but after we’re born, we can’t breathe underwater”.

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