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— Daily Tune 06/10/2021

Japanese Artist Noah Returns With Silvery, Ghostly Electronica Track “Moonchild”

Hokkaido-born, Tokyo-based artist Noah isn’t a stranger around these parts – we interviewed her a couple of years ago about her album Thirty. Now she’s back with her first new music following that record, in the form of new single Moonchild. As the name might hint, Moonchild is a song that’s soft, silvery and elusive. “Everything is a dream” are the words that open it, and Moonchild creates its own murmuring, floating mood, where every touch is a delicate one, but still makes itself felt, in an almost extrasensory way. A beat gently pushes the song along, interspersed with shuddering percussion, while little spins of piano occasionally flutter into the picture – it seems like something between the ghost of a club track, mixed with the memory of an art piece. Music that you feel at the edge of your nerves. Noah has a new EP on the way, Étoile, out on October 27 on FLAU.

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