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— Daily Tune 26/09/2019

Norbert Lukács – ‘Between You And Me’

Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to Album a lot this week, ‘cos it turned ten, but when I sat down to listen to Norbert Lukács‘ new single Between You And Me I could nearly hear a little of the spirit of Girls at their softest in the song. There’s a shared mastery of musical detail, a way to make every touch count, as well as the same vocal ability to capture the weight of a feeling in a couple of words. His first single of 2019, Between You And Me is a song for life’s moments when you’re in the depths of your thoughts, a slow-burning, dreamy indie-rock song. The verse drifts along, punctured by the odd dabble of guitar, but the real magic is in the chorus, when everything kicks up a gear and the sun shines through the song. It’s out now, and you can expect more from Lukács soon.

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