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— Daily Tune 31/01/2020

Novaa – ‘Elon’

Yes, this is a song about Elon Musk – and it also comes with a future-embracing dream pop vibe, that fully entails the progressive mind behind its figure of reference. Taken from Novaa‘s brand new album The Futurist (due April 2020) and following her recent singles Drones and AI Am In Love, this one sure knows how to weave the singer’s mellow yet bright vocals into a warm synth patterns and a playful drums section. While one might think that a song about “autonomously driving cars” couldn’t be more far away from a well of inspiration, Novaa proves quite the opposite right here. “The future can be a cool thing”, the rising Berlin-based singer/producer states, adding that “it will not be an apocalyptic sci-fi movie ending, it will be our everyday life. So let’s make sure we create it consciously”. That does sound quite progressive coming from an artist her age. And who would have thought that a tune about cars could be that entertaining? Make sure you give it a spin right here.

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