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— Daily Tune 30/04/2018

Off Bloom – ‘Love Actually’

When Anglo-Danish trio Off Bloom first emerged with the Love To Hate It EP in 2016, their musical signature was high-octane, high-energy aggressive dance-pop. In the time since then though, they’ve let their sound spread out and explore new styles, and new single Love Actually shows that they’ve added more strings to their bow. It’s a slinky, loose minimalistic track, built around little flashes of guitar and smooth, supple beats that make it infectiously rhythmic, with a groove that just wraps itself around you. The track’s musical minimalism leaves plenty of space and air for vocalist Mette to play in, and it’s her charisma that really sells the song, inhabiting every word like she owns it, and it all adds up to a slick modern love song. And it’s got a video where the band put sunglasses on and off really quickly without jabbing themselves in the eye, so props to them for that.

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