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— Daily Tune 15/07/2020

Oqbqbo And Vallmo Team Up On Slow Burner “Open Like A Flash”

Posh Isolation is always the label to go to for some of Europe’s most interesting new music, and when two of their artists team up you know you’re in for something special. So this double-single (collectively called Stills) from Russian artist Oqbqbo and Sweden’s Vallmo (of FLORA fame) is very good news, and Open Like A Flash lives up to their reputation for music that pushes relentlessly forward. This song sounds like they made it from mercury, as it gleams and shine, but also shapeshifts, forms and reforms restlessly. It’s hard to pin down as any one genre, because it’s a song that pushes into genre territory as of yet unmapped, that lives closer to the future than the past. But underneath all that it still has a real soul, and it doesn’t need to shed its subtlety to makes its mark on the listener. It’s out now along with the other side, Eyelash Of A Wolf.

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