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— Daily Tune 01/03/2019

Or Sobre Blau – ‘Do Menino Deus’

A thrilling one for language fans here, as Or Sobre Blau, aka Andreu G. Serra and Kiran Leonard, take their name from their time living in Lisbon, when they communicated in a garble of English, Catalan and Portuguese. From that method comes their band name, which translates the Portuguese idiom ouro sobre azul (blue over gold) into Catalan to strip it of its meaning and make it a perfect band name. Cool eh? The band has just released their first single, Do Menino Deus, and it’s a perfect demonstration of their ability to carve atmosphere and presence out of abstract and fragile noise. Do Menino Deus is little more than interplay between a couple of flickering guitars, but it captures a strange emotional electricity that gives the song its power. It’s from their debut album The Piri Piri Samplers, out on March 22 on Memorials Of Distinction.

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