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— Daily Tune 19/06/2020

Pale Honey Playfully Crank It Up On New Single “Killer Scene”

We have been rooting for the Swedish alt-rock act Pale Honey for a while now and are happy to share yet another single teasing their forthcoming third record later in 2020. Killer Scene draws inspiration from the violence to be experienced in movies of cult director Quentin Tarantino and is in itself a homage to one of their favourite acts, the Queens Of The Stone Age. Carefully building up the tension from a minimalistic guitar pattern up to a full-blasted guitar thunderstorm in the chorus, there is a frantic energy to be grasped on a musical level, while on a lyrical line the mood remains dark, distant, even cold-blooded, to remain in the song’s imagery. Killer Scene probably takes us back to the beginning of our musical endavours and has this magical playfulness to it,” drummer Nelly Daltrey remarks. Treat yourself to the dazzling piece right here and stay tuned for more Pale Honey material later this year.

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