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— Daily Tune 08/06/2018

Peter Estdahl – ‘Taking Up To Much Space’

Album titles are nice and all, but it’s it also kinda cool to see an artist just go for the basics? That’s the path taking by Norway’s Peter Estdahl, who named his 2016 debut EP EP.1, and has announced that its follow-up, EP.2, will be out in July. And now he’s put out the first single from the latter. Taking Up Too Much space is luxurious slacker-rock: imagine Mac Demarco‘s melodic instincts paired with a classicist’s flair for old school drama. Cheesy gags (“I’ve got 99 problems, I don’t mind another one”), swooning musical theatrics and a voice that flips between a croon and a drawl all come in the same bundle – Glamorous Indie Rock’n’Roll brought to life. It’s out now, and EP.2 arrives on July 1 on Tik.

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