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— Daily Tune 23/06/2020

Rich, Vivid Psych-Pop Marks Petit Prince’s “JSP”

There’s a curious kind of flair about a lot of French pop, a way of elegantly capturing sadness and painting it prettily that runs through a lot of great music from that country, and it’s certainly something Petit Prince has mastered. The project of Elliot Diener, he makes what is certainly pop music, but swept up in rich, psychedelic sounds that give his songs a vivid, powerful sense of life. His new single JSP is an example of his style at its best – melodic and with a strong enough hook to pull you in, but with enough weirdness in its jagged guitars and tripping synth lines to take the listener on an adventure. A new session for La Blogothèque adjusts the tone of the song, but still retains what makes it work. Petit Prince also has a new album on the way, which is due to land in September.

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