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— Daily Tune 13/09/2019

Pieces Of Juno – ‘Bluebell’

We’ve met Red Juno and Blue Juno, and now it’s time for Green Juno. Pieces Of Juno is now on the third chapter of her sibling album series, with the latest, Metanoia, coming into the world at the end of August. And that record’s Bluebell has recently gotten the video treatment. If you’ve been on Juno’s ship from her beginnings as a recording artist back in 2015, Bluebell will be a landmark in how her sound has changed since then – her earlier use of electronica and techno influences long behind her, the slow, torch song jazz now that’s come into the picture over the last couple of records is now firmly in the driver’s seat. Piano notes flicker like the ghosts in the back of your mind, and Juno takes the stage for an old-school, love-lost lament. Metanoia is out now, and you can pass the time guessing what colour she’ll adopt for her next album, which is on the way soon.

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