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— Daily Tune 16/03/2020

Pieces Of Juno – ‘Higher Power’

Norway’s Pieces Of Juno has been in the lab for a long time – her mini-album Kalopsia came out in 2017, followed by its counterparts Tacenda and Metanoia. Now the forth and final part of her tetralogy, Euthymia, is out at the end of March, foreshadowed by new single Higher Power. Higher Power‘s sound will be familiar to anyone who’s spent some time in the tetralogy’s waters up to now – low-light, slow-burning neo-jazz. A clarinet walks a winding path through the song, as Juno’s vocals flutter across the scene, the light to the music’s shadow, all coming together in a hymn to life’s bigger mysteries. Juno says: “After throwing away three recordings, I gathered my friends Andrea [Barsnes] and Solveig [Wang] for an intense evening live session in the swimming pool. It just clicked at once. These women are amazing artists and instrumentalists and it gave me the exact rendition of what I envisioned for the song.  It’s an expression of the search for a higher power within one’s self. For some people it might be God, for others it might be creativity, a pure expression, or for some, inner peace.” Euthymia is out on March 27.

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