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— Daily Tune 26/03/2021

Pizzagirl Takes Bedroom Indie Pop To Another Level With “Car Freshener Aftershave”

Pizzagirl, aka Liverpudlian Liam Brown, is gearing up to release his new album softcore mourn this summer, dropping the first taste of his new record with the single car freshener aftershave. His previous record, season 2, took bedroom music to a different era – where he combined classic 80s move tunes with the Gen Z trend of making music in your bedroom. Known for his DIY, nostalgia- drenched EP, car freshener afershave is no different. Hints of Green Day or Sum 41 blend with homegrown electronica and a distinctively American-movie sound. Nostalgic and pensive, car freshener aftershave also manages to be funky and upbeat. An exciting taste for what’s to come.

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