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— Daily Tune 25/03/2020

Ponette – ‘All The Things She Said’

Yeah, it’s a cover of that t.A. T. u song, which I had to go back and listen to to write this, and wow, it’s always weird to discover the strange, plastic-y production that every song released between about 1998 and 2002 had. All The Things She Said, with its massive chorus and high sense of drama makes for strong source material for a cover, and in the hands of Norwegian band Ponette it becomes a strong cover. The band are currently working on their debut album, so have put this out to tide their fans over in the meantime, and All The Things She Said is a song that fits well into their lightning-bolt-pop world. Vocalist Helene Svaland can summon the hurricane of emotion that the song draws its energy from, and the band add a little more muscle than the original had to make it sort of a mix of trash-metal and pop, not too far of some of Grimes’ adventures in that genre zone. They went down a lot of strange roads to get here, but the end result works.

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