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— Daily Tune 15/04/2019

Porridge Radio – ‘Give/ Take’

Maybe it’s because I’m slow, or maybe it’s because I operate in the sordid, foul-mouthed waters of the alternative music world, but it genuinely took me an age before I realised that the reason that Porridge Radio had put two versions of their new single Give/ Take on Spotify was that one was an explicit and one a clean one. So now that you’ve established that this song is safe to show to your mum, is it any good? Well, yeah. Porridge’s first outing in a proper studio, after their lofi debut album Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers in 2016, proves that they can get the best out of the extra sonic opportunities. It’s snappy, smart and sick-hearted indie rock, but the fuller, smoother sound suits them, and elevates Give/ Take to something bigger than their previous shoes-untied indie, sounding more grand, stirring and soaring than they ever have before, while losing nothing of their brains or charm. It’s out now on Memorials of Distinction.

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