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— Daily Tune 19/07/2019

Purple Mountains – ‘Darkness And Cold’

David Berman, writer, poet, musician and folk’s most dedicated outsider, buried his last band Silver Jews a good 10 years ago and spent the time since in Nashville “reading and sleeping”, penning out an essay on his much hated father, the corporate lobbyist Richard Berman known as Dr. Evil, and ultimately being left by his wife. So it’s not like you could say that there was nothing going on in Berman’s life. Music was just not a part of it. Up until now: With the back-up of indie rock band Woods, Berman returns as Purple Mountains with an entire new record. And suddenly, it’s all there again: The laconic wit, the foot-bobbing depression, the carefully selected, muttered words, the infallible sense for melody within misery. With Darkness and Cold being the essence of all that. David Berman could have made the career of Josh Tillman – if only he had the looks and wouldn’t be the loving, caring misanthropist that he is. Good that he didn’t, good that he’s back.

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