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— Daily Tune 27/09/2021

Newcomer Rachael Jenkins Is Off To A Blooming Start Into Her Artistic Cycle With “Allergy Season”

A promotion from an artist as prestigious as Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon can be a tricky introduction into the scene, but when you deliver your goods as fine as Utah-based newcomer Rachael Jenkins with her latest drop Allergy Season, we should have no worries about that. Reminiscent of a Phoebe Bridgers-like mellow vocal atmosphere, Jenkins battles with the uncanny powers of human memory in the tune: “You can be free from a situation for months or years, and something as simple as a specific season or the smell of the air can force you back in time. If I’m not careful, I become engulfed by memories and begin grasping at straws that will ultimately lead me nowhere”, she shares. Framed into a sweet acoustic haze, which perfectly matches the springlike echoes of the song, the promising act fabricates an impressive sentiment in between the vulnerable state of human emotion and the empowering desire in the wake of that. Tune in to the fine piece right here and stay tuned for more.

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