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— Daily Tune 12/05/2021

Rachel Sermanni Heads Into Dark Night Territories With “Travelled”

When clarity is as far as it can be, one may be well advised to follow the dark roads a bit, to see of there isn’t some crack of light glimmering through. On her most recent single Travelled, singer-songwriter Rachel Sermanni has done just that, and delivers a haunting epic, channelling the pains of letting go of a way of life and heading straight into the space of not knowing what happens next. Written mostly when the Scottish artist was pregnant, this wonderful piece builds up a solemn atmosphere and feels like a remarkable trip through the darker caves of a consciousness, battling with choices made and feelings felt: “This is a depiction of the dark night of the soul situation I was having at that moment in coming to terms with my choices”, the artist herself explains. As the music may be soothing and delicate, Rachel Sermanni‘s vocals have that edging vulnerability, while always conveying a graceful sentimentality. Head to the tune right here and make sure you don’t miss out on her upcoming EP Swallow Me, out on June 2nd.

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