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— Daily Tune 13/05/2020

Breezy, Easy Indie From Rebecka Reinhard’s New Single “Whale”

Swedish artist Rebecka Reinhard has sparkled over a couple of EPs released over the last few years, but new single Whale might be the best thing she’s written yet. So what is it? Well, Whale doesn’t rip up any rule books  – this is indie rock, plain and simple. But it’s indie rock at its finest, blending sugar-sweet melodies, guitar crunch and a little lightly-carried melancholy into a perfect package. Clocking in at just 8 seconds over the classics three and a half minutes, it breezes past and will have you reaching for the replay button as soon as it ends. Reinhard says: “‘Whale’ sounds happy but is quite sad and cynical and has a deep, hidden melancholy, a bit like old soul songs like ‘Tracks of My Tears”. It’s part of a new EP, with the rest due to drop later this summer.

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