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— Daily Tune 13/02/2018

RebMoe x Pasha – ‘Don’t Speak French’

Remember back to 2007, when the Ed Banger revolution was in full flow and Uffie had a strong claim to be one of the coolest people on the planet? Well, there’s plenty of the American-French star’s DNA in this new one from Norwegians Pasha and RebMoe (Rebecca Moe), and not just cos of its French-referential title. Don’t Speak French doesn’t sound much like Uffie (2018 is after all a long way from 2007), but RebMoe borrows some of her snot-nosed swagger and pairs it with Pasha’s high-energy, bouncing lyrical style for a silly, but extremely fun take on lightweight trap. This is basically ideal party-starting fuel, and you should export more from the duo over 2018. Don’t Speak French is out now on Toothfairy.

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