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— Daily Tune 07/05/2020

Norwegian Artist Resa Unveils Soft, Slow-Burning New Single “Love Ain’t Free”

Theresa Frostad Eggesbø’s day job finds her in the acting world (it’s a sign of cliches come to life that yes, the Norwegian has been in SKAM), but over the last couple of years she’s stitched together a collection of songs that mark her out as a talent in the musical world too as Resa. Normally she makes music at the intersection of pop and R’n’B, like her previous single, the smoothly-confident and bubbling You Need A Puppy, but on her latest effort steps into something different. Love Ain’t Free is a stripped-back piano ballad, a type of song that could so very easily end up boring in the wrong hands. But here it’s a showcase of her talent, proof that away from the safety that the extra noise a pop production provides, her voice and presence still stand strong.  Love Ain’t Free lays outs a delicate musical base, piano, some shivering strings and a little percussion, and apart from that it’s just her, her stunning vocal performance both carrying the song along and giving it real depth. It’s part of her debut EP Dumb And Numb, out on May 13 on Toothfairy.

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