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— Daily Tune 18/09/2020

Rosa Lee Luna Finds Beauty In The Fragility Of A ‘Glass Moment’

You know how they say that you cannot stop the essence of a single moment in time from passing away all too quickly? Neither can Berlin newcomer Rosa Lee Luna, but on her breathtaking single Glass Moment she might just have found a precious form to capture the beauty and pain that lie in the process of letting go of something you hold dear. Addressing “the moment when you understand that the future is unstoppable and inevitable”, this gem blends atmospheric vocal harmonies with minimalistic guitar staccatos, leading into a gracious ambient a-capella finish. The harmonies slowly fade out eventually – well they have to – and when they do, the piece leaves behind a sense of loss, acceptance and yet, the grace of a “bitter taste of freedom”. I warmly recommend you tune into this one right here, along with a stunning live take of the piece.

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