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— Daily Tune 10/04/2019

Ruby Empress – ‘See No Evil’

Ruby Empress are the Gothenburg four-piece that look back to glam, Bowie and the New Romantics for their sense of style and theatrical flair. Musically however, they’ve got another scene in their sights, as the title of their new single See No Evil hints. There’s a lot of Television in this one, both in the wiry, taut guitar sound and existential wandering of lyrics (singer Tom Serner says ”Never have so many, sold their soul, for so little. ‘See No Evil’ is about a guy who knows he’s wrecking himself and others. But he’s fine with that as long as his picture looks great and gets attention. We all do it. I don’t know where it ends. I re-read Oscar Wilde’s only novel, ‘The Portrait Of Dorian Gray’, and that’s where we are, right? We pretend we don’t see the scars, and we trade them for trash, for numbers”). They’re a band smart enough however to stay well out of tribute territory – they take that sound and update it into something more smooth and modern, and in doing so make it their own. See No Evil is out now, with a debut album on the way soon.

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