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— Daily Tune 17/06/2021

“Urgent Care” By Runnner Is An Unlikely And Surprising Pleasure

Ever wondered how lo-fi drum machine beats would blend in with down-to-earth folk arrangements? Well, then you shouldn’t miss out on Urgent Care by 
, the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noah Weinman, dropping its debut Always Repeating just next month. This is a song poking fun at my own struggles with hypochondria”, Weinman explains about the tune, which tells a story about falling in love in unlikely places. Always with a relaxed feel and doing a terrific job in fusing electronic beats, banjo sounds and horns, Urgent Care is all about floating along between the omnipresent electronic textures and the accentuated folk adornments, with Weinman’s voice balancing the melancholic and affectionate sentiments of the tune. Tune in right here and stay tuned for more soon.

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