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— Daily Tune 20/11/2019

SASSY 009 – ‘Are You Still A Lover?’

Two years ago, Norwegian band SASSY 009 landed some indie features with their moody electronic pop. In the meantime, the trio emerged to a solo artist. Sunniva Lindgård just released two singles on her own yet, with hopefully more to come soon. Are You Still A Lover? is a sleek, yet dark pop anthem. It’s the kind of track that you would expect at your local Scandinavian hipster clothes retailer. Although the lyrics are pretty heavy: ‘Are you still a lover when you’re gone?’ Might refer to both death and heartbreak. With Lindgård’s mumbled vocals and dreamy beats, the song is the perfect soundtrack for darker autumn days, especially if you’re involved in the current cuffing season.

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