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— Daily Tune 04/06/2021

Scout Captures A Nervy, Restless Pop Shimmer On New Single “Rather Be Blind”

Scout debuted last month with the frosty and graceful song Never Fade, but now they’re back with something with a little more zip, new single Rather Be Blind. Rather Be Blind comes with a video of flashing lights and swirling streets, and the song itself captures something of that rattling urban energy, with its fast-flickering melodies painting a picture of jangling nerves and restless tension. Fastened tight to its kick-drum tempo, when the chorus kicks in the song transforms into pure synth-pop shimmer. The artist says: “I wrote this one over a beat I found on YouTube last year. It kinda lives in the same world as the other songs on the first Scout EP and is centred round moving back to North London/Enfield. I speak multiple languages and I heard this line that translated to ‘I rather be blind than see my life without you’ and right away knew I wanted that line in a song. It worked out with the rest of the lyrics so I literally just took it and used it. The song’s quite nostalgic, about situationships and not realising what you have until you no longer have it. I want Scout to make people feel a little less lonely in their human experience”. Rather Be Blind is out now, and a debut Scout EP will find its way into the world at some point later this year.

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