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— Daily Tune 17/02/2020

Silverbacks – ‘Drool’

Ireland’s music scene is the healthiest it’s been in years, and now the latest band to have the spotlight spin their way is Dublin five-piece Silverbacks. On their songs to date they’ve bounced from genre to genre, mixing post-punk, art-rock, math-rock and 90s’ alternative, and it’s the latter style they lean into hardest on latest single Drool. It’s got a very subtle sweetness to it, coming from the backing vocals that give the song its glow, and from their it evolves into a piece of alt-rock that feels substantive and rich in detail, a song with the weight and power to deal with its heavy subject matter, but one that’s also blessed with a nimbleness that keeps it light on its feet. It’s part of the band’s split Sirens/ Drool, out now on Nice Swan. 

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