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— Daily Tune 27/05/2020

Sindy Debuts With Elegantly Messy Rock On “Trash Burn”

Swedish musician Tom Serner isn’t exactly a new face – he’s fronted art-pop duo Ruby Empress for the last couple of years. But now he’s pulling the pop out of that equation on new solo project Sindy, pushing his sound into what you might call slacker rock with style, mess executed with elegance on debut single Trash Burn. Musically, it sounds burnt-out and scuffed up, guitars that scratch rather than slice. But he sculpts that into something sharp and clean, so that it’s frayed only at the edges, and Trash Burn evolves into glowing, dreamy song with a dive-bar romantic’s heart (as you might imagine from song that opens with the line “fireworks in your eyes, colours made out of tears”). It’s part of his debut EP Hits For Kids, out on June 19 on PNKSLM.

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