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— Daily Tune 04/04/2018

SKAAR – ‘Manic Moonlight’

SKAAR are a Norwegian six-piece born out of university in Bergen, when vocalist Karla Lesley Jaeger invited Andreas Melve, Petter Soltvedt, Thor Saunes-Skarsgaard, Dávid Mágyel and Ulf Legernes to collaborate on a new project, which eventually grew into the band. Their debut album is now on the way, and Manic Moonlight is the first single to be revealed from it. It’s a full-on-dramatic rock music, with Lesley Jaeger’s voice flowing in full theatrical glory with the proggy, fluid rock machine backing her up. Passionate and intense, it brings a pagan energy to its music school smarts. Expect more from the band later this year.

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