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— Daily Tune 11/09/2019

Solå – ‘Dizzy’

Another face out of Bergen, as many of Norway’s new talents often are, Solå (Sol Sunnanå Eriksen) has been buzzing around for a few years now, existing in a world of Soundcloud loosies and lofi YouTube tracks, but also playing live, on radio and building a profile in her homeland. Having kept her official release powder dry up till this point, she’s now out with her debut single proper, Dizzy, out on tastemaker label Kitsuné. And Dizzy shows that the step-up in recording values has been good to her. No longer a sketch like some of her previous work, Dizzy is a detailed, layered creature, skittering beats fused with soft-touch synths, and Solå‘s hypnotic vocals dripped in to make it a lyseric, dreamy piece of R’n’B meets pop. Despite the step-up in production, it’s still got minimalism running through its bones, and a self-confidence in not over-complicating things that’s impressive for a new artist. Dizzy is out now.

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