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— Daily Tune 23/09/2020

Sonja Tofik’s “All Errors Are Mine” Is A Cavernous, Eerie Sound Sculpture

We first met Sonja Tofik just over a year ago, when we spoke to the Swedish artist as part of our feature on experimental label Moloton, which she’s signed up to. Now she’s got a new album, Anomi, named after the Durkheim concept of the effects on individuals of being unmoored in a society without strong guiding principles or values, the the first track out from it is All Errors Are Mine. The song shares the traits of a lot of Tofik‘s earlier work, in the sheer size of the sounds it paints – from the brutal metallic rattle that opens the song to the blooming organs that close it, the music stretches out cavernously to fill whatever space it lives in. It’s a sonic sculpture that’s sort of composed like a stained-glass window – when all the elements join together, there’s something ghostly about it, some undefinable feeling that the art summons, something living in the song that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Anomi is out on October 30 on Moloton.

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