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— Daily Tune 27/01/2020

Sophie Jamieson – ‘Exit’

Returning after the best part of a decade out of the game, London songwriter Sophie Jamieson is our daily tune today with a frankly cry-worthy piece of emotional, alt-indie. Somewhere between Tash Sultana, Daughter and Anna Calvi, her latest single speaks to all those experiencing the January blues in a big way. After the success of her EP Where in 2013, she was set to be one of the countries most exciting new singer-songwriters. So of course, she spent the next seven years without releasing a single track, and training to be a cocktail bartender. As you do. You have to wonder why she stopped writing for as long as she did, Exit seems completely effortless and personal in a unique way. The production sounds hazey yet organic, with warm electronica undertones providing the foundation for her unique vocal talents. You can also catch Sophie Jamieson live at London’s Chats Palace on February 5th.

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