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— Daily Tune 07/10/2020

Sophie Jamieson Goes On A Nocturnal Ride With ‘Release’

Taken from her upcoming EP going by the same name, Sophie Jamieson‘s new single Release is a tune that takes you right into the heart of gloom. Driven by a nocturnal rhythm and base ground, it smoothly contours with fading colours the chaos it lyrically revolves around. “This song is a search for peace by any means necessary. I wanted to escape how I felt, to blur it and take the edge off it, to indulge in it and then leave it behind”, the artist states about the song. Enclosed in a sombre feel, there is an urge to move forward, a light that shines through the layers of sadness. “Oblivion never looked so pretty”, Jamieson sings at one point. Yeah, she might be right about that, don’t you think? Enjoy this tune along with a lo-fi music video, all filmed, directed and edited by the artist herself.

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