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— Daily Tune 19/07/2019

Sparrows – ‘Gold In The Tide (feat. Fazerdaze)’

A collaboration from opposite ends of the Eastern Hemisphere. Sparrows is the solo project of Japanese musician Ryota Miyake, also a member of the band CRYSTAL, and for his new single he’s hooked in New Zealand’s Fazerdaze on vocals and lyrics for his new single Gold In The Tide. So what does that all result in? Well, Gold In The Tide is a pretty little piece of folkish indie that tosses in a country element or two, but what makes the song is how flawless its construction is. The music and vocals dance around each other with a matador’s flair, and the whole thing moves with a smooth, Iberian groove, the rainfall guitar riff just one of the touches that elevates the song onto a whole new level. Gold In The Tide is part of Sparrows‘ new EP of the same title, out now on FLAU.

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